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A husband, a father of a college-aged daughter. The son of first-generation immigrants.  An investor, a real estate developer. Political strategist and financier. Entrepreneurial philanthropist. 

A lifelong surfer from Malibu. Studied in Switzerland for part of his high school years, was a beer vendor during football games while at University of Colorado Boulder and rowed crew at Georgetown while finishing his degree. While at Georgetown, he rebuffed being recruited for clandestine espionage by the CIA.


Built his first real estate business in his 20’s with his brother Geoff, played polo and learned to fly helicopters.  Met his future wife, the beautiful Ashley Bren, and was married at 30.  Expanded his real estate empire with new ventures in his 30’s and 40’s while focusing on fatherhood. 


Now in his 50’s, Dan is a recovering ski racer and cancer survivor who regards his previous battle with the illness as much a spiritual journey as a medical one.  A lifelong adventurer, traveler, and collector of interesting friends, Dan is entering the arena of public opinion to talk Politics, Public Policy, Business, Philanthropy, and Sport.


From serving as Executive Director of Ross Perot’s UNITED WE STAND (CA) to planning Ted Cruz’s potential transition roadmap to recruiting major donors of the California GOP into the New Majority or investing in leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump, Dan has been at the forefront of advancing the Conservative Movement and Republican Party.


Palmer understood the political climate in 2016 before the race even began. Traveling throughout the United States, he witnessed a common theme: people were pissed, they felt left behind. His synopsis was simple: Since our presidential election lacked an incumbent on the ballot, it was the first time that voters could adjudicate their grievances on the national level in nearly a decade. While the punditry was obsessed with the ‘inevitable’ nomination of Jeb Bush, Dan told friends from the get-go that the ground was fertile for a true outsider to run – and win.


Dan serves as a contributor to THE HILL, a top US political website.